2019 Words of the Year

Lindsey Warren

Stamped and Finch 2019 Words of the Year

It’s no surprise that I am a huge word girl. I love everything about words- their meanings, the way the letters form together, the way they sound, and most of all I love their power. I truly believe in the power of words to speak life and intentionality into someone or some season of life.

At the start of each year I pick a word that I hope will define the next season. Sometimes the word lasts me through the whole year,sometimes it is just for a season, but the beginning of January always seems like a fresh start for me! This year my word was spacious: a place of margin, higher hopes, and clearer perspectives. This is absolutely a word I am still hanging onto, but I am excited to add a new one into the mix!

I prefer to choose a word rather than make “resolutions” because the word seems to define a mindset. It is easy to let habits fall to the side or stick to new routines, but a mindset can easily be returned to again and again. For me, a mindset is where my habits and actions change from, too.

Below are a few of my favorite words right now that I really believe are widespread themes and desires for 2019. I’m hoping one of these resonates with you or sparks your creativity to decide on another word!


SOJOURN- so·journ /ˈsōjərn/

  • a temporary stay in an unfamiliar place where you are willing to learn and grow

  • To me, this word sums up “outside of your comfort zone”, a place a little beyond your normal. But it is more than just going to this place, it encompasses a mindset where you are hoping to grow and learn and open your eyes and heart to new ideas and truths

  • Maybe you’re in the process of figuring out a little more of who you are, wanting a little more depth to where you currently are, or literally in a new place outside your comfort zone; I think this word embodies adventure and openness and growth all around!

HAVEN-ha·ven /ˈhāvən/

  • a place of safety, peace, or refuge. a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions.

  • This word is just so beautiful to me: the way it looks and the way it sounds.

  • On one hand, it speaks of a woman wanting to be a place of peace and refuge for others, a woman fighting for those things for others- close friends and strangers alike. It defines someone who values empathy, “come as you are”, and an invitation to the Peace of Jesus.

  • On the other hand, it seems to describe a year full of favor, open doors, and dreams fulfilled. Maybe 2019 will be your haven year, where the things you’ve longed for and prayed for finally come through and the conditions are the most favorable for you!

DWELL-dwell /dwel/

  • to stay, abide, remain in a place or in a particular way

  • The word dwell makes this homebody’s heart happy. A state where being, staying, resting, and trusting is valued more than going and doing.

  • Maybe for you it is dwell in the Lord, rest in His goodness, remain close to Him. Maybe it’s dwell in hope, dwell in truth, dwell in confidence. Maybe it’s inviting something or someone to make a home in your heart and dwell there.


  • in a natural state, uncontained, limitless.

  • not based on probability or sound reasoning.

  • Two thoughts come to mind with the word wild. One, it seems to draw you back to your true, most natural, most genuine self. A self that is confident in who you are and not contained by the limits or boundaries of culture or pressures. A self that is free and wild to be whoever you want to be.

  • Two, it speaks of the wild nature of God. He is limitless and full of adventure. His ways are not boxed in my probability or sound reasoning, but are bigger and beyond what we can hope and imagine. This word reminds me of a line from the United Pursuit song “Come Away”, “it’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be full of Me”. The journey may be wild, but it is going to be beautiful and enveloped with the Lord!

STEADY stead·y /ˈstedē/

  • firmly fixed, balanced, unmoving, consistent, sure and direct movement

  • In a world of busy, unpredictability, and chaos, steady is beautiful contrast. The word steady seems to paints a picture of a woman trusting in herself and the Lord in the midst of a stormy season, focusing on the big picture of hope rather than the small roller coaster details.

CULTIVATE cul·ti·vate /ˈkəltəˌvāt

  • to break up soil in preparation for new growth.

  • apply oneself to improving, developing, refining, or enriching

  • I just adore this word. I love how it is defined by the breaking up or loosening in order to prepare the way for new growth. A season of letting go of the old (maybe mindsets, limits, beliefs, or habits) to make way for newness and growth.

  • Maybe there’s already something you know you want to cultivate, or maybe you’re at the spot where you need to let go of a few things in order to figure out what’s coming- either way, this word seems to fit both spots!

HARVEST har·vest /ˈhärvəst/

  • the process of period of gathering crops.

  • I have always thought of harvest as just the final result, but it also includes the hard work and time spent nurturing and collecting. There is value and goodness in the wait and the work that just makes the final result that much more of a treasure.

  • Whether you're waiting for a new job, breakthrough in a certain area, a restored friendship, a baby, or just feel stuck and aren't really sure where you are headed, you are already in your harvest season! There are periods of time when all the growth is happening under the soil and you can't see it, but it is coming! You can celebrate knowing a full, abundant table is coming for you! Your harvest season is now! 


A few other words to spark your word of the year:


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