Roman Numerals

Lindsey Warren

Stamped and Finch Roman NumeralsFrom the very beginning

of Stamped and Finch, Roman Numeral dates were some of my favorite customizations to stamp and recently I’ve completely fallen back in love with them! There’s just something so sweet about the reminder of a special day and I love that it allows you to think of those wonderful memories again and again.


This is one of my go-to customization choices for giving gifts, as well. It takes away the pressure of choosing a word or phrase, which I know this is the hardest part sometimes. And in my experience, every recipient has responded emphatically with an “AWW!!” often followed by a few tears.

Here are a few occasions when I think Roman Numerals are the perfect gift!

-Wedding: Who doesn’t love their wedding date? This makes a perfect bridal shower gift or day of wedding gift so they can always remember the best day of their lives (so far!)

-Engagement: Whether it’s the day the happy couple got engaged, the day they met, or their upcoming wedding date, the soon to be Mrs. will adore this gift! Trust me, she will proudly wear this piece and joyfully tell all who ask about her upcoming wedding day! What bride doesn’t love to talk all things wedding? 

-Anniversary: Following the same trend as engagements and weddings, anniversaries are a precious time to reflect on all the steps that got you to where you are and celebrate the moment that it all started!

-Baby: Who doesn’t love celebrating new life? Baby birthdays in roman numerals are an absolutely precious gift for new moms. And yes, cue all the tears for new mamas on this one! This is also a meaningful gift for mamas who may have lost their baby due to a miscarriage. I have made several pieces stamped with the roman numerals of the day they found out they were pregnant and I know these mamas truly appreciate and treasure these gifts.

-Victories: These are some of my favorite stories that you all have shared with me! I’ve stamped roman numeral dates for cancer free declaration daysdream job start daysmoving daysbaptism daysgraduation days, and even just “here’s the start of a new season of life” days. These are great conversation starters and when friends and strangers ask, they get to celebrate these victories with you!

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