Meet Lindsey

Hi there! I'm Lindsey, the girl behind Stamped and Finch. Stamped and Finch calls the lovely city of Athens, GA home. Each piece is delicately stamped, assembled, and packaged by me. A short coffee date with me (chai, please!) and you will soon realize my obsessions with my Jesus, my high school sweetheart of a husband, sunshine, and the pursuit of all things lovely.
I started Stamped and Finch out of my passion for people’s stories, the things in their life they have said yes to, their past and their dreams. I want to create something that is so personalized it can serve as a Kodak moment reminder, a personal encouragement, and as a starter for deep, meaningful connection and conversation.

Why Stamped and Finch? Stamped- I think you've got that one under wraps. Finch- the finch bird symbolizes joy, simplicity, and variety- all characteristics I want to create in my products. Finches are also known for their "boogie" like flight patterns that don't just take them from point A to point B, but they dance along the journey. I want to take life day by day enjoying the journey above the destination.


Do I love jewelry? Yes. Do I love encouraging words, defining seasons, and preserving memories more? Absolutely. It is a joy to create pieces that help you tell your story.